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I found myself at the library last week and decided to browse through the DVDs for something to watch, and came across “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, an odd philosophical/metascientific flick I’d been meaning to take a look at sometime. I found it a pretty fun romp through what for me is familiar concepts, but for many people it’s a pretty mindblowing (or ridiculous, or both) look into a whole other way of seeing the world.

Anyway, something someone said in it is on my mind today — or at least, the paraphrased way I remember it. Someone said that today, the field of Psychology doesn’t give enough weight to people and their choices when determining what goes on in our heads. That so much of what is termed “mental illness” is really the accumulated result of choices we make. And in order to be better, we simply need to make better choices.

That made sense to me.

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