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I just got a letter from my nephew about being at someone’s house and admiring their Totoro clock.  The host then happily hopped up, took the Totoro pendulum off, and gave it to him, leaving my nephew with the difficult task of processing what had just happened.

I imagine it was a cool souvenir though, for the practice in receiving happy surprises.  I’ve got this feeling that lately we’re all moving through a timeframe where “Ask, and ye shall receive” is true in primal and surprising ways.

In fact, we don’t even have to ASK necessarily, we just have to receive.  I suppose, “Receive, and it shall give itself unto you” is what I’m feeling these days.  So I’m practicing feeling a gratefully receiving mindset, and see what further surprises I’ll be graced with.

I’ve been having a tough time getting back into posting now that I am not making it self-mandatory, because I’ve been having a tough time finding words again.  I was thinking of that this morning, and then came across the story from my nephew. Looks like it might be bearing fruit, so over the next few days I’ll come back and share the other happy little surprises that come!

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I find myself wanting to write about gratitude, and am trying to think of what I want to say about it.  Gratitude has become such a daily habit for me, I recognize it as a crucial part of my life.  In fact, I think I’ll write about how that came to be.

A while ago I read about the importance of a “gratitude practice”, in which we take moments throughout the day to feel grateful toward something or someone.  It really struck me because it wasn’t talking about gratitude the way I usually heard of it: you know, something that was expected of us.  Instead, it spoke of gratitude as a gift we give to ourselves, to enrich our own experience of life and those around us.

The deeper meaning of gratitude isn’t just to fulfill an obligation to recognize the blessings in our life.  Rather, it’s to more fully allow them to BE in our life.  By opening our hearts in gratitude, we open the space to receive more fully.  We do more than repay the kindness with that lightspark of gratefulness; we create room in our hearts to take in more.

There’s a harmonization that occurs within a grateful heart.  We complete that link within ourselves that connects us to a higher, more receptive resonance.  That’s why it’s important to pause even within the most frustrating or painful experiences and find a way to be grateful — not for the event itself necessarily, but for being blessed with what you need to endure and overcome, and maybe for what you will have learned and gained for having done so.  Does that make sense?  By finding a way to open a space of gratitude in our heart, we receive more of what it is that we need.

And that leads to the flipside of gratitude as well: the willingness to share wisely and well.  If we are to keep the flow open to receive, we must give what is needed of us (and we can wisely spare) to others.  This does two things.  First, it gives others the opportunity to connect with us through gratitude, opening their hearts as well.  Second, as we complete this connection of gratitude, we open ourselves to receive more so we have more to share.  It’s a full circle, one that keeps itself turning one we learn to get it going inside us.

Exploring that perspective truly has enriched my life, and yes, I’m grateful for that!  I’m also grateful for the opportunity to share this with you.  May it open something inside you that will help you enrich the lives of others, as well.

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