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I inadvertently took a break from posting for two days in a row, and missed posting on Earth’s Birthday! I did have a salad for dinner, which is something I like to do on “appreciate nature” days, but I didn’t really do anything else to celebrate.

Not to say I didn’t observe the holiday. Building on my thoughts from Easter, I’ve been noticing the ways our planet is working through its cycles. I’ve watched for how we’re turning the corner to the phase of Renewal and Regrowth.

And I do mean “we”, because Earth isn’t just a rock with plants and water and animals. It’s a planet of people, as well. We may not always be the wisest parts of the planet, but we remain an essential expression of this planet’s life.

So I sort of see Earth Day as a birthday for our species along with all of the other ones we share this home with. I truly do feel we’ve turned the corner on a past cycle, and are ready for our own Spring.

We’ll just have to be diligent in tending our garden as we grow.

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The trees are dancing
Flinging forth leaves in the wind
Confetti of Life

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Note: I was so busy avoiding getting involved in any April Fools’ Day prank-posts that I forgot to post my own! So I’m posting two on the 2nd, but putting this to the 1st to put it on the right day on the calendar.  It seems appropriate.

 I like to celebrate holidays. I especially like to celebrate New Years Days.  I know there are calendars that mark their first day at many points during the Gregorian year, but my New Years Season tends to start with Rosh Hashanah and ends with April Fools’ Day.

I understand that it may not truly be a day to mock those who celebrate a New Year on a date other than January 1st. But it seems in keeping with the spirit of the day to celebrate it as a New Year’s Holiday regardless.

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