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This season, have you received what you’d love?

More importantly, have you loved what you’ve received?

It’s been a turbulent season for me. I’ve had hopes raised and splintered, pleasures and pains, and right now the little joy of my life is pitching a fit in the bathroom because soapy water doesn’t turn into clay.

It’s that last bit that most reflects what I’ve learned this year: love and enjoy what I do have, not spoil it all by dwelling on what I don’t. It’s not my job to try to force what isn’t ready to be built, nor to stay sad when things don’t come out the way I wanted. It’s my job to keep my heart open to possibilities, receiving what is ready to come to me. More importantly, to keep myself ready to receive what is to come.

And if it turns out that pouring suds into a little bowl won’t turn it into a clay dome, that’s okay! The point of it all is to play, and enjoy the game where all that is to be won is the prize of joy itself.

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