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Dry and barren ground
Sprouting the fig tree’s first leaf
Miracle of Spring

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You ever find yourself getting ready for bed, and get the strangest sense that you’re in for a truly odd time of it in the days ahead?

I’ve got that sort of feeling in the air, myself. Times like this don’t always turn up with something I can put my finger on, but they usually prove to be at least mildly interesting.

I’m quite curious to find out what this week holds!


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It occurs to me that curiosity used to be one of my most notable features. I’ve let most of my time and energy be claimed by other things for so long, I’ve sort of forgotten to be curious. I still get there, from time to time, but curiosity hasn’t been my default state of mind lately.

So, I’m thinking: I’ve gotten good enough at letting things be such-as-they-are, it’s probably time to refocus on wondering how-things-could-be. You know, set aside expectations and pre-judgements, and remember what it’s like to always be open to unexpected possibilities.

After all, I still love surprises. It’s time to let life start surprising me again.

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