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I’m currently in the midst of a phase where I try to consciously eat as well as I can, avoiding the things that I know from experience make me feel worse. This is an unofficial continuation from the lent thing this year, which means I can “stray” when I really want to without compromising anything other than my health.

So I wanted a chocolate chip cookie, and so first I ate stuff I knew would help me feel better despite the cookie.  Then I made myself a mug of Kaffree, heated the cookie up briefly so it was niiiiiiice and gooey, and slowly ate it.  And licked the chocolate off the plate.

I considered having another one, then I remembered the way I make it through junky cravings without making myself sick. So far it’s working, so I thought I’d share. 

Seriously, try savoring half the amount to get twice the enjoyment. Really and truly pay attention to the sensations and the pleasure of them to make them stick. As you’re enjoying the last bites, really drink in the flavor and texture to carry forward into the moments after it’s gone.

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