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I inadvertently took a break from posting for two days in a row, and missed posting on Earth’s Birthday! I did have a salad for dinner, which is something I like to do on “appreciate nature” days, but I didn’t really do anything else to celebrate.

Not to say I didn’t observe the holiday. Building on my thoughts from Easter, I’ve been noticing the ways our planet is working through its cycles. I’ve watched for how we’re turning the corner to the phase of Renewal and Regrowth.

And I do mean “we”, because Earth isn’t just a rock with plants and water and animals. It’s a planet of people, as well. We may not always be the wisest parts of the planet, but we remain an essential expression of this planet’s life.

So I sort of see Earth Day as a birthday for our species along with all of the other ones we share this home with. I truly do feel we’ve turned the corner on a past cycle, and are ready for our own Spring.

We’ll just have to be diligent in tending our garden as we grow.

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I was re-reading this article the other day about steps to transform one’s approach to homemaking into something completely self-sufficient and sustainable. The author was describing a time when she gave a talk before a group that was very much “on the grid“, and at the end of it the host asked if she could distill it down to just a couple things that people could start with if they couldn’t make the full switch.

Her condescension dripped even in the recollection. She was apparently somewhat offended at the idea, but managed to rattle off three things including using a clothesline rather than a dryer. The audience was polite, but she didn’t seem to feel they were really engaged with her concept.

Then one person remained behind and said that he’d like to do more, but he can’t hang laundry out. In their part of the world, such things were banned by housing ordinances or homeowners associations. She seemed a little understanding, but not really. Her goals for peoples’ adoption of her ideals came across as just too big to her for her to be able to see around them.

I’m not recounting this to run her down, but as a framing for what’s been on my mind. You can’t do it all. You won’t likely do it all. So do what you can.

Take a step today, just anything that’s closer to where you’d like to be. Try it for two weeks at least, or however long it takes to get it going. Then pick the next step, then the next.

Yeah, it’d be great if we could all dive right in and do everything we feel we ought to. But that’s not usually how life works, and the thought that we have to do that in order to be true to our goals just seems to be keeping us all, collectively, from even starting to move forward.

So… move forward. Then keep moving.

You’ll get there.

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