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So, if there’s something you know you can react poorly to, be careful when eating it. Especially, be careful when eating a whole lot of it because even though you know better, you really really really really want to.

Pro tip: you wanting something doesn’t stop it being wrong for you. And knowing better doesn’t make it a wiser decision.

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I spent a good part of my recreation time today trying to have fun with something I really wanted to enjoy. There was a time when it was exactly what I thought I’d have wanted to be able to do, so I felt like I owed it to myself to give it a real chance.

I now feel I owe it to myself to recognize that it won’t warrant a second chance. I can’t say what might’ve been, had I had this opportunity about fifteen years ago. Now, however, there are other things more suited to my life, and I’ll do best to focus on what currently suits me best.

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