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Blankets of fresh snow
Covering all that’s fallen.
What shall grow anew?

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Every year by New Year’s Eve, I have a sense of a “New Year’s Prediction” for how the next year will go. I don’t usually share them outside a small circle of friends/family.

Last year, I felt that 2015 would be a turbulent time of rocky rapids, and that if you kept your oars in the water, the currents could carry you far. Slip outside that current, however, and you’d have rough waters trying to right your boat.

This year, I kind of feel like the rapids have shunted us out into the bodies of water we’ll be navigating for a while. Rough rivers, tranquil ponds – they’ll be different for each of us, but it’ll be where our navigation of the 2015 rapids brought us.

They’ll be new waters for us, not directly tied to what came before. We’re not stuck in that same old stream. It’s not as though the past never happened, but we aren’t beholden to it. It doesn’t own us. It doesn’t dictate what we do now, or where we go next. Our present is freed from the chains of the past. Our future is ours to create anew.

May you create a Happy New Year.

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