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Note: I was so busy avoiding getting involved in any April Fools’ Day prank-posts that I forgot to post my own! So I’m posting two on the 2nd, but putting this to the 1st to put it on the right day on the calendar.  It seems appropriate.

 I like to celebrate holidays. I especially like to celebrate New Years Days.  I know there are calendars that mark their first day at many points during the Gregorian year, but my New Years Season tends to start with Rosh Hashanah and ends with April Fools’ Day.

I understand that it may not truly be a day to mock those who celebrate a New Year on a date other than January 1st. But it seems in keeping with the spirit of the day to celebrate it as a New Year’s Holiday regardless.


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So today’s date is 09/09/09, or if you will, 9/9/9. I have a lot of fun with holidays, including (or especially) arbitrary ones, but I’m at a loss for how to ‘celebrate’ this one.

I once came across someone’s snapshot of Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue — a book that takes numerology’s ideas of words and patterns sharing synchronicities that could be expressed in numbers and added guardian angel ideas. The idea is that if you are repeatedly encountering exactly the same number or numbers then you’re being sent a message, and they put together possible ideas on what that message might entail. I figure good advice is good advice, so having no other personal fun about the number 9 that’s where I turned for inspiration.

The keywords listed for the number 9 are: teaching, healing, humanitarian, intelligence, discretion, brilliance, compassion, protection, responsibility, inner wisdom, loyalty, forgiveness. Essentially, it’s said to symbolize a sense of universal connection or consciousness. The sequence of 999 would be a sign that the world needs the gifts we have to share, and now’s the time to set off on that mission without hesitation.

Not much impetus for a party, but it’s only a Wednesday anyway. Still, a good day to think about such things as compassion, responsibility and life’s work, so that’s a great place to start.

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It’s the seventh day of the seventh month today, and could be considered a pretty lucky day. It’s also the day of a total lunar eclipse that happened in the wee hours this morning, with a super-large/close full moon. And it’s the day celebrated as Tanabata, a Japanese star festival celebrating the annual reuniting of mythical lovers when the stars Altair and Vega intersect. (Technically it was traditionally on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Japanese lunisolar calendar, so this year it would be 8/26/09, but lots of people celebrate it today.)

I figure a good way to honor this day is to ruinite yourself with someone or something you love, for a few precious minutes. Someone/something that reminds you how lucky you are, in this beautiful world.

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