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Put another way… Conventional logic ignores reality in order to maintain a dysfunctional world of shared fiction.

I was talking with someone recently regarding being worth a lot more than money being offered in paycheck-form. It made me think of how deeply engraved in our psyche is the idea of income and wealth being a numerical measure of our personhood, what we’re allowed to have as our self-worth. It has become conventional logic.

But the paycheck isn’t a reflection of our worth, it’s a reflection of the options we have in front of us at a given time, and so on. We need to be able to pay our bills, but beyond that, it’s not about putting a number to our worth as human beings. There truly is no number for that.

Of course, this also plays in to the level of security we feel, and we can get locked into the insecurity of not having enough money because of the uncertainty surrounding non-wealthiness. I’m going to buck conventional logic here and say that feeling insecurity is entirely the wrong-way-’round. We need to feel trust and security so we can be open to inviting it, and enjoy it.

I have trust that you will always have what you need, so long as you hold that trust in your own space to allow it to come to you. I know that kind of talk and thinking has sometimes been used by people as just another way to remain in a stuckness of powerless self-delusion, but applied properly, that really is my experience of how our lives work.

Opportunities come to us when called, whether by us or those around us, and we can see them and take advantage of them if we have that space for opportunity open in our lives. We have to be careful not to resist opportunities to be happy and free because of a misguided self-identity of being beyond such ephemeral grails as happiness and TRUE freedom. We don’t usually sit there saying “I absolutely refuse to be happy” with our mind and words. Yet our choices and ways of experiencing this world of ours can tend to play that out… STRONGLY play that out.

You’re done with that though. You’ve lived out a pretty good run of what complacency and quiet solitude feels like. It’s in your repertoire now. You already have tools for living through anger and misery under your belt. Now it’s time to take a deep breath and see what cautious optimism feels like. Maybe even self-secure hope, with an openness to discovering all the ways life can be so much better than you’d seen so far.

Yeah, conventional logic might not agree with this, but conventional logic isn’t truly based on clear-headed experience of the organic nature of our lives. It’s a polite agreement to suspend deeper involvement with our personal variances so that we can try to force-fit our individual lives into some kind of framework that benefits culture’s gatekeepers. Put more simply, we are trained to lie to ourselves about our richly unconventional lives, so we can maintain the comfortable lies we live in.

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