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I sat down with my tea to write a few words about people in our lives, and the memories we share with them, and how important it is we make connections with them from time to time. Then I got all mixed up in all the various emotions that arise on that topic — one of the main ones being guilt. When we move away from people in our lives (physically or emotionally), or even lose them entirely, there’s this guilt that we didn’t do more with what we had, when we had it. As though there was something missing there, and it was our fault for not bringing it. Or that there’s something missing now, and it’s our fault somehow for losing it, or the void’s so great that the pain is too much to fill… to really feel.

I realized that wasn’t where I wanted to go. And then I realized maybe that was the point I wanted to make. There’s never too many reminders to treasure and cherish the people you love, and to let them know they’re cherished and loved — but we know that bit. Maybe what I wanted to say is that we could do more to treasure and cherish the people we just happen to he around.

When the mortal beings we love aren’t around (I’m going to include pets too), there’s always mortal beings around us who need love. I think that by sharing some of that love we have just lying around waiting to be used can be put to good use there, by just smiling at someone you don’t know, maybe letting someone over in traffic or giving sympathy to a complaint at the checkout line. The void for people who are missing can be filled just a little bit by giving a bit of that empty space to the people who are there.

It’s like a little twist on the old song – “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey – love the one you’re with!”

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