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Today was a bit of a haze as three nights’ difficulty sleeping caught up with me. However, I was particularly productive in a bit of analysis I’d been working on for a couple of days, as a bigger picture started clicking into place.

It made me think of how useful dreams can be for working out what’s been facing us during the day. Since I was feeling almost half-asleep, I’m wondering whether I had a bit of that dreamstate at work there, helping me through.

I don’t plan to stay sleep-deprived to test this theory out. Still, perhaps I can get one of the “brainwave frequency” music files playing that purports to support Theta Waves to try out while working. I tend to be fairly susceptible to sound frequencies, so I’m curious whether it will make me sleepy, introspective, or just relaxed as I enjoy the sounds!

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I’ve been up for over eighteen hours, and so much of them seem to have been the same one. Before slipping off to sleep, I’m pausing to recognize how very dreamlike this day and night have been.

Now that I’m going into “real” dreams, I wonder… will they feel like I’ll have been awake the whole time?

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