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I was thinking today about the idea of how most of us seem to feel like an observer of or commentator on the world around us, more than a participant.  Life seems to keep us so busy, so surrounded by activity and yet with these barriers between us, and without enough time and energy and community spaces to bridge them.  So it’s easy to feel like we don’t really affect those around us, let alone the broader events of our world.

And yet, that’s completely backwards from the way things are.  We inherently make an impact wherever we are, whether we try to or not.  If we keep our head down while we’re out and about, making sure to just stay in our own space and keep to ourselves, we’re just one more person occupying others’ space without really acknowledging them.  It adds to the crowded loneliness of others as well as ourselves.

On the other hand, we can bring our eyes up to those around us, and practice being there with them without really crowding their space.  Some people will want to be invisible, but most will appreciate a non-intrusive yet genuine smile, polite words, kind patience, and respectful/humble offers to help.  In this way, you become someone who has acknowledged their humanity, and welcomed into the space you have shared with them.  It reminds them of their value, and that at least one stranger found them worthy of a positive thought.  To some people, that can make a deeper, more priceless impact than you could ever imagine.

We can also get involved in our worlds around us by seeking out and joining groups with similar interests, online or off.  These can not only help us feel more connected, they can also help us find more ways to participate in our world for the better.  Where there are groups that can help improve the lot of those who need help, we will benefit greatly.

I’m going to link again to my little video on why I’m trying to find ways to be involved with local groups meeting up through the Occupy meme.  I foolishly posted it on a day when I knew Tumblr would probably be busy, so it wasn’t really available before.  It’s some thoughts of mine about the kind of difference I’d like to see in the world, and that I hope to find ways to figure out how to help make real.

Meanwhile, give some thought to how you’d like to feel tomorrow.  Then, before going to bed, set in your mind that you’re going to give it a shot in the morning.  When you wake up, recall that wish, and put it in your head.  It’ll get easier to find and hold the feeling as you practice, and soon you’ll find others around you can feel it, too.

With much, much love ~


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I’ve had quite a busy, big day, zigzagging back and forth mentally and physically.  I was off work, but wasn’t able to be off from chores, but the upside is that I got to spend a lot of time with my baby who needed me.

So today, I’ll just share a link to something I put together for Tumblr last night, my own little Why I Occupy (America) video.  I was thinking about the people I’ve met, and the countless ones I haven’t, who are working toward their vision of a better world.  Some of them meet up through the Occupy activities, some through other political or community groups, and some through church or school.

I haven’t been that good at connecting with people on things important to me, as I’ve said.  But I figure it’s time to get better at that.

So, here goes.

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