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Note – I found this in my drafts folder from September 20, 2009. It feels applicable today, so I’m posting it unchanged.

I’ve got a few decisions pending up in front of me, on top of all the other information I need to be aware of and make a choice about. One of the paralyzing things about choices is the fear that we’re not making the right choice for the future that’s up ahead and around the corner. It’s too far away for us to see where it leads… so how can we tell where it will take us?

Actually, we generally can’t. So we’ve got to make the best choices for now, recognizing that we may well have to revise those choices as we get a better picture, or as the scene around us changes on its own. So it’s less about having all the answers, and more in howing to recognize the answers we do have, and do our best with them. And then making peace with the choices we’ve made, so we can keep working with and changing them as we go.

Wisdom consists not so much in knowing what to do in the ultimate as knowing what to do next.
– Herbert Hoover

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