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This morning when I realized it was the National Day of Prayer, I went on to Twitter to share a prayer an hour, as close to the hour as I could.  I did a pretty decent job (of the schedule, though I feel pretty good about the prayers too).

For today’s thoughts, I want to share these prayers with you, and sincerely direct them for your personal good:

  • May our hearts know peace, that we may share pure Love one to another, free of judgment or fear for who & what they choose.
  • May we lovingly forgive ourselves our faults, and with love forgive the faults we envision are in others.
  • May Love for Truth give us courage to live according to the wisdom in our own hearts, & let others live by theirs.
  • May our hearts be opened in love and support for those who are suffering, without condemning the what & the why.
  • May we have courage to accept when we’ve been wronged, seeking reparation & healing through love, not vengeance.
  • May our hearts expand to hold all humanity as family, sharing our generous lovingkindness with all who need it.
  • May we have patience & understanding for others, especially those we’d disapprove of or disagree with.
  • May we receive more than we need, that we may enjoy a little extra & share the rest with others in need.
  • May we have acceptance for our past, courage for our present, and hope for our future, no matter what.
  • May we allow anger and frustration to exist without overtaking us, letting them guide us to solutions.
  • May we not shrink from sadness, whether ours or another’s, but embrace it with patience and love.
  • May life bring us opportunities to feel the warm glow of love, and teach us to shine forth its light.
  • If we feel like sweating the small stuff, may we indulge in recreational griping and lighten our load.
  • When it’s time to rest, may we fully relax, allowing the earth to bear the weight of our burdens.

And most of all, may your day bring you joy, and your night bring you peace.


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This weekend I was reading about meditation, introspection, prayers, etc., and I came across a caveat about intention. A writer from around the year 1800 cautioned people to be very careful with their motivations for pursuing what they’ve set their mind to.

He said that if you set out to accomplish things to be held out in respect by others, or to gain riches and wealth to be lazy, or out of bitterness, or meanness, you’d find yourself met by the spirit of your intent. That is, if your goals are pursued to support your ego, you’ll find plenty of ‘inspiration’ and happenstances that will flatter you and make you arrogant. If you set out for greed, you’ll be set up for fool’s gold and fraud, whether yours or another’s. Fan the flames of anger, and there’ll be more and more reasons to be angry.

However, he said, if you merely offer yourself up to fulfill your potential in service of humanity, the higher powers and your true self, then you’ll find grounding, wisdom, and guidance for where you need to go. You’ll have strength to accomplish goals, wisdom to bypass obstacles, and enough support for a productive life of happiness and joy. In other words: True success can be found only by pursuing a path of true intentions.

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