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Today was a bit of a haze as three nights’ difficulty sleeping caught up with me. However, I was particularly productive in a bit of analysis I’d been working on for a couple of days, as a bigger picture started clicking into place.

It made me think of how useful dreams can be for working out what’s been facing us during the day. Since I was feeling almost half-asleep, I’m wondering whether I had a bit of that dreamstate at work there, helping me through.

I don’t plan to stay sleep-deprived to test this theory out. Still, perhaps I can get one of the “brainwave frequency” music files playing that purports to support Theta Waves to try out while working. I tend to be fairly susceptible to sound frequencies, so I’m curious whether it will make me sleepy, introspective, or just relaxed as I enjoy the sounds!

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Today’s thought is just a brief reminder to please take time to play. I know all of us here know the rejuvenating value of relaxing and having a good time, but I personally have been running about so much lately that it’s been a little harder to do that sometimes. I’m so caught up in “being productive” that I’m running the risk of forgetting that peak productivity can only be kept up if I cut loose and REST from time to time!

So – take some moments now and then to just enjoy yourself. I promise I will, too!

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