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I’ve sometimes had difficulty sleeping lately. This morning I woke up too early, and couldn’t get back to sleep.

The nice thing about being up early though is when I get to hear my toddler in that time between waking up, and wanting to get out of bed. He sings to himself and plays, and I get to hear what’s on his mind.

It occurs to me I can spend this kind of time each morning listening to my inner child, and find out what’s on her mind.

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My thoughts today are more on mindset, and how it does more than just frame our mind — it frames our lives. So I’m going to share some more Taoist sayings…

“What is easy attracts the easy; what is hard will attract the hard.”

As much as possible, remember to take it easy. No matter what is going on, there’s always an easier way and a harder way, even if the easier way is to prevent unecessary energy and emotion tied up into knots over it — versus letting an intractable situation bear you down into mud. When things get to be wearisome or heavy, take a moment, take a few deep breaths, and let the easier way come into view so you can at least make an informed decision on how to experience the situation you’re in.

“You do not contend and yet are be able to conquer; do not declare your will and yet get a response; do not summon, and still have things come spontaneously to you.”

Sitting quietly and still, even for just ten seconds, you give life a chance to catch up. Think of it as delegating to life rather than micromanaging — be clear in your head as to what you really want/need, figure out what’s actually up to you, then settle down and give all those other tasks back to life to handle.

After all, most of what happens is “life’s” job anyway, and it really is the expert. Just let it surprise you with the awesome work it can do for you.

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