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I love holidays. I especially love holidays that help me experience especially joyous times for children.

Today, I got to fill plastic eggs with candy and stickers and toys and hide them in the yard for my toddler. I then got to help him find them, particularly one little keychain toy of a character he’s wanted to play with for many months, but I had only just recently found for him. He loves egg hunts, and he especially loved finding this toy.

Today’s holiday is always one of renewal and openness to fresh beginnings. It was especially enlightening to have the pleasure of enjoying it with a child who was ecstatically happy because of one simple, tiny little gift.

Here’s to welcoming the brightness and joy of the little things life brings us, helping us better prepare to receive the big things.


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This morning I read a bit of quote from Lao Tzu (author of the Tao Te Ching):

Free from desire, you may realize inner peace.

– Lao Tzu

I love that translation, and have thought about it off and on through the day. The words are perfect for the way I see them —

    Free from desire: You may have preferences and passions (rather than the cold word ‘want’), but you aren’t chained to them. You’re free, regardless of how they turn out.

    You may: You have permission. You are allowed. It’s not guaranteed — the choice is yours. But without chaining your happiness to the exact fulfillment of specific desires, you’re giving yourself the possibility to BE happy.

    Realize inner peace: Peace is that cozy state where you’re not in conflict, not fighting. In this case, that’s not fighting inside yourself, you’re in harmony. The word realize – here it means that you already have that state of inner peace inside you already, that place where you’re in equilibirum and have your perfect balance. You just need to realize it.

So… Savor your wishes and your passions, then release them to the sunny breeze and let them (and yourself) be free for however life brings you. Let yourself remember that place of acceptance and harmony inside yourself, and rest.

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