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The Lives line is long
to be a duckling, and yet
Not so much, a duck

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The trees are dancing
Flinging forth leaves in the wind
Confetti of Life

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Bare little stick tree
Did you have fun this winter?
Seems you have a child!

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Dry and barren ground
Sprouting the fig tree’s first leaf
Miracle of Spring

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So this is the Nexus of Now blog thinger, subtitled “A Drink of Spring Water from a kinda Zen Taoist Stream of Consciousness”. I can’t tell if that’s all going to come across as pretentious, hokey, or just kinda strange… but then that’s also kinda the story of my life.

The Nexus of Now is actually a term that started up a few years back when I was joking around with some friends about an “internet religion”. It sounded really fun and funny at the time, but then I moved away from said friends and most of us lost touch and it ended up being just the product of a few weeks I had no internet but a lot of spare time to offline web design… some honest philosophy, but mostly a bunch of well-intended humor that never went anywhere.

I’m telling you this because there’s no guarantee that this blog won’t end up with much the same effect. But I like the name Nexus of Now for the same reason I always did — it describes one of the most important concepts in my world, that everything and everyplace and everywhen HAS to be kept firmly in the perspective of the “here and now”, cause honestly, that’s the only timeplace you really ARE, and can function in.

I’m not sure if that’s all self-explanatory, but if it’s not, I think you’ll get a better idea of what I’m trying to say as this blog continues on. Right now it’s just a place for me to store the “thoughts of the day” I’m sending a few friends each weekday morning, which I call “A Drink of Spring Water”.

One of the most refreshing things in the world to me is clean, fresh, cold water, but it also only quenches you for so long.  I always hope my thoughts actually provide SOME measure of refreshment, but I don’t expect them to, of themselves, keep anyone going for too long after they’re ingested.  Something like that.

Oh, to be perfectly honest, the word “Spring” is in there also because it’s the name of the season where things come out from winter to grow anew.  Remember that Spring is about NEW shoots of growth, NEW seeds being nourished and germinated, setting the stage for further growth on their own. I thought that was a pretty good pointer to my aspirations.

I hope you enjoy. 🙂

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