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I recently was texting with a friend about when it’s time for a relationship of any sort to change or come to an end.  And how, as painful as the transitions can be, we can make it all even harder for ourselves and those we love.

I wanted to share here what I said about when we realize we’re at the turning point:

A balanced person might be trying to make the most of the time left. An imbalanced may try desperately to cling on, maybe thinking it might change things.

It’s funny, all the different levels of tolerance we have for endings. Most times it seems there has to be an explosive event to be able to end something, and when one doesn’t arise, it will be created…

It’s endemic – heck, it’s pandemic – the feeling of void and isolation. The idea of a relationship ending is therefore painful, so folks crave the “there was no other choice” balm.

People shouldn’t be so isolated from themselves that they are driven to demand from others what only we can give ourselves, but that’s our world.  Just think of all the industries that would lose money if it were otherwise!

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