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A friend of mine mentioned this week that it’s been seeming very hard to keep up with communications for the past little while. I’ve felt it too, as you could see from the fact I’ve decided that I needn’t force a post every single day if I’m just not feeling one.

Things have also been going needlessly haywire, generally in small ways, and not always in bad ways. No matter how humble and organized my plans for the day, they’ve just been usurped by little emergencies or issues that needed more immediate attention.

I know, I know, this past year has had a lot of times like this. But if it’s been feeling just a little amped-up this week, it’s not just you!


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You ever find yourself getting ready for bed, and get the strangest sense that you’re in for a truly odd time of it in the days ahead?

I’ve got that sort of feeling in the air, myself. Times like this don’t always turn up with something I can put my finger on, but they usually prove to be at least mildly interesting.

I’m quite curious to find out what this week holds!

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Chaotic dreamscapes 
Swirling our days with dry leaves
Eye of the Stillness

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Down, down the rabbit-hole —
Such a tired, oft-used phrase!
And yet I find it on my lips
In these strange, disjointed days…

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This morning I couldn’t help but think of just how fractured and chaotic things have been seeming these past couple weeks. Lots of interferences and disruptions, clashes and crashes, all over the place. Needless delays. Pointless interruptions.

I personally feel the best way through it is increasing my personal harmony — both within myself, and with others. Mostly in attitude, but also, when possible, with actions, especially the little ones. Especially when it seems like something’s standing a little in the way. When in doubt, I’m trying to choose on the side of connecting with someone or something important to me.

I think, as much as there’s the hiccups and hangups springout out all around us, there’s an equal number of opportunities to make a real connection, to truly experience a shared resonance. If you look for them, you’ll recognize them. Take advantage of them. Just a few minutes, or a few dollars, or a few words — they will make a world of difference.

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Today I’m finding myself at a lower ebb of energy, and struggling more for focus than I normally need to. It doesn’t help that there’s a half-dozen things clamoring for my attention at once, but I can only work on one thing at a time.

So I’m falling back one of the old Zen meditation techniques — place all my focus into one thing, and let all the rest just fall away to wait their turn for my focus. By focusing on just the one thing to the exclusion of all else, I can see it more clearly and without distraction, and have the energy and perspective needed to really work with it. Otherwise, the chaotic noise will just keep me from moving forward on anything.

Granted, a followup step in Zen meditation would be to fully absorb my perceptions into this thing and then to dissolve it entirely so my focus was nowhere in particular, but that wouldn’t get the work done. Perhaps I can do that when it’s time to rest tonight, and see about letting all the stress and expectations take a nap so I can, too!

Then, when we’re all rested, we can work together to get things where they need to be.

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I’m perhaps repeating topics here, but this is a week where change is filling the air, so it’s important we keep our focus on the changes we want, so we don’t muddy the things up with what we don’t want. So today’s thought is a copy/paste from an email I recently sent to a friend:

It’s a good time for change. When you catch a spare moment, frame in your mind the life you’d like to jump over to right now if you could reality-teleport. Don’t think of what you want to be free of, think of the places and activities you’d like to be free IN. Just for a couple moments. Give the world a good direction to take you. Then let it happen.

Yes, there can be more to it than that — situations you need to face and handle, concrete tasks and thoughts you’ll need to process — but that really is the gist. Change is in the air, so as you breathe it in and out, point it in the direction that you need it to go. Let the rest just fall away.

P.S. ~ If the title of this one sounds extra silly to you, think about it as you’re going to sleep for a few nights, and write down what you dream about the next day. Maybe it’ll make more sense … or even a different kind of nonsense entirely.

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