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I was talking with someone about how I try to be fairly strict about not eating not-so-good food and snacks. My body just does not react well to them. This means staying away from refined grains or starches or sugars or, really, most anything very processed. Also, just about no animal proteins (I’m allergic, for a start).

I said I have to be very strict because I don’t feel I have much willpower. My friend protested, saying that I show a lot of willpower by staying away from the foods. I explained further that when I stay away from them, I’m not tempted to over-indulge in foods I oughtn’t be having at all. It would be fine if I could have just a little bit here or there, and sometimes I do. Then, it’s not too long before I start to have a little more, and a little more, until I’m making it a bit of a habit.

The fortunate thing is, it doesn’t take long before my health begins to suffer from my over-indulgence. I then notice that I’ve been feeling a bit worse, do a mental inventory of what I’ve been putting into my system, and get right back on the wagon.

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