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I’ve sometimes had difficulty sleeping lately. This morning I woke up too early, and couldn’t get back to sleep.

The nice thing about being up early though is when I get to hear my toddler in that time between waking up, and wanting to get out of bed. He sings to himself and plays, and I get to hear what’s on his mind.

It occurs to me I can spend this kind of time each morning listening to my inner child, and find out what’s on her mind.


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So, if there’s something you know you can react poorly to, be careful when eating it. Especially, be careful when eating a whole lot of it because even though you know better, you really really really really want to.

Pro tip: you wanting something doesn’t stop it being wrong for you. And knowing better doesn’t make it a wiser decision.

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The apple is red and crisp
Promising to lift my malaise
I do not feel I am hungry
Yet I know I should eat

I think of the apple’s myth
Granting us the first bite of knowledge
I do not feel wisdom’s lacking
And I know that means it is

For I know we are in the dark
When we most believe we can see
For though the bite can be bitter
The fruit of knowledge must be consumed

Beware the cries of the blinded
Who call Evil to those who would Know
For a mind and heart that is open
They alone can know and choose Good

So perhaps we should eat
When we do not feel hungry
Let wisdom heal and lift our malaise
The apple is red and crisp

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Time for just a quick wish for us all —

Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.
– Motto for the Special Olympics

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So today’s date is 09/09/09, or if you will, 9/9/9. I have a lot of fun with holidays, including (or especially) arbitrary ones, but I’m at a loss for how to ‘celebrate’ this one.

I once came across someone’s snapshot of Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue — a book that takes numerology’s ideas of words and patterns sharing synchronicities that could be expressed in numbers and added guardian angel ideas. The idea is that if you are repeatedly encountering exactly the same number or numbers then you’re being sent a message, and they put together possible ideas on what that message might entail. I figure good advice is good advice, so having no other personal fun about the number 9 that’s where I turned for inspiration.

The keywords listed for the number 9 are: teaching, healing, humanitarian, intelligence, discretion, brilliance, compassion, protection, responsibility, inner wisdom, loyalty, forgiveness. Essentially, it’s said to symbolize a sense of universal connection or consciousness. The sequence of 999 would be a sign that the world needs the gifts we have to share, and now’s the time to set off on that mission without hesitation.

Not much impetus for a party, but it’s only a Wednesday anyway. Still, a good day to think about such things as compassion, responsibility and life’s work, so that’s a great place to start.

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This weekend I was reading about meditation, introspection, prayers, etc., and I came across a caveat about intention. A writer from around the year 1800 cautioned people to be very careful with their motivations for pursuing what they’ve set their mind to.

He said that if you set out to accomplish things to be held out in respect by others, or to gain riches and wealth to be lazy, or out of bitterness, or meanness, you’d find yourself met by the spirit of your intent. That is, if your goals are pursued to support your ego, you’ll find plenty of ‘inspiration’ and happenstances that will flatter you and make you arrogant. If you set out for greed, you’ll be set up for fool’s gold and fraud, whether yours or another’s. Fan the flames of anger, and there’ll be more and more reasons to be angry.

However, he said, if you merely offer yourself up to fulfill your potential in service of humanity, the higher powers and your true self, then you’ll find grounding, wisdom, and guidance for where you need to go. You’ll have strength to accomplish goals, wisdom to bypass obstacles, and enough support for a productive life of happiness and joy. In other words: True success can be found only by pursuing a path of true intentions.

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In trying to get everything caught up for the early weekend, I almost forgot to think! Then I came across a quote by Bertrand Russell, “To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”

This weekend, let’s keep an eye out for the big and little fears that might hold us back from our wiser judgment, and from following up on wonderful opportunities for beauty, community, and joy.

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In honor of “April Fools’ Day”, an old proverb:

“The wise learn from fools far more than fools learn from the wise.”

(Personally, I also think the wise aren’t afraid of looking a little foolish…)

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